holt is a contemporary restaurant hidden within a quiet alley in Taipei. Its name is derived from ancient roots, symbolizing lush hills embraced by trees. With great elegance, our team combines the finest local ingredients, creative culinary techniques, and diverse inspirations to present an enchanting dining experience.

Jeffrey Downs

Vancouver-born Jeffrey Downs has honed his culinary skills through experience in globally renowned restaurants, including Attica (Melbourne, Australia), Manresa Restaurant (Los Gostas, USA), Nihonryouri Ryugin (Tokyo, Japan), In De Wulf (Dranouter, Belgium), and Septime (Paris, France). In 2020, Jeffrey took his role of Executive Chef at holt in Taipei, Taiwan and in 2022, he achieved his first Michelin star. Chef Jeffrey brings pure, natural aesthetics, and refined flavors. By sourcing the best seasonal products, he blends elements of Taiwanese heritage with his masterful taste and techniques, enlivening the palate with exquisite, innovative creations.